The Unfortunate Bisexual at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Unfortunate Bisexual is now at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Cerys Bradley and I are flyering our little socks off all around Edinburgh, and performing every night (unless it’s a Monday) in the basement of The Street on Picardy Place. We’ve seen some incredible shows, and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. If you’re going to beContinue reading “The Unfortunate Bisexual at Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

The Unfortunate Bisexual is going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

The Unfortunate Bisexual show, which I have been building all year with Cerys Bradley, is going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Edinburgh Festival is the world’s biggest arts festival, and we’re absolutely delighted to be taking our show up there. If you’re in Edinburgh during the month of August do come along and see it!Continue reading “The Unfortunate Bisexual is going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!”

Edinburgh show: Meet in the Middle

Nicola and I are neighbours with three kids each, but we’re from very different backgrounds. Nicola grew up in a working-class household on the gravy-soaked cobbles of The North, surviving thanks to raffle prizes, knitted underwear and treasures found in skips. Meanwhile I was growing up at Eton College, entirely failing to get off with Prince William and mixing with teenagers who had never seen an onion. I didn’t go to school there, because they don’t accept women. This is the story of how that panned out.